Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm not spoiled, I'm just well taken care of.

Now that we've moved to New York City, life has changed a lot. I used to love going to the office with The Girl, but now I'm not allowed to go any more, so that makes me sad.

The Girl has started cooking for me because we went to A New Vet and she told The Girl that the food I've been eating can give me kidney failure. I think kidney failure is bad.

So now I eat chicken with rice and carrots, broccoli, fish oil, and other yummy things that The Girl cooks for me. I feel so much better! The Girl is reading a couple of very big books that are teaching her what kinds of foods are good for me and how to make sure I get all of the Nutrition I need.

I'm a pretty happy pooch.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

What does "hangover" mean?

My human took me to a party last night. We drove for a long time to a place where there are a lot of buildings and soooooo many smells. I could have walked around there all night long, but we had places to go and people to see.

On the way there, Gardenia dropped the bottle of wine she was taking to the party. Well, actually, it fell out of my bag, because she had put it in there to carry it so I could walk and sniff the streets. When it dropped, it splashed all over me! So I went to my first party smelling like a wino. It was cool though.

We stayed a long time, and I loved the party. Everyone was petting me and telling me how cute I am and how good I am. And they didn't mind that I smelled like Merlot. I was actually just a frontrunner...there's usually one at every party.

I did lick some of the wine off my fur. Yum! Now it's morning and I just want to sleep. Gardenia, apparently, feels fine, and she is up and busy all over the house, cleaning and organizing and putting together flat-pack furniture. Why does she have to use the drill this morning? Why?

Ugh. I'm going back to bed.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Biscuit IS Thankful!

Woof woof!

I am feeling sooooooooo much better. My butt itches all the time though, and I can't scratch it very well unless I drag it on the ground, which, honestly, doesn't feel that good. But I feel so much better that I can go on my whole walk now, instead of just a short walk like I was doing a few days ago.

My human told me today that our friend Joan baked delicious cookies for our second bake sale at work, and her yummy cookies raised over $45!!! Thanks Joan! When I see you I'm going to give you a big kiss! And thanks to everyone who bought cookies. I still don't see why I'm not allowed to have cookies, but Gardenia promises that she's going to bake some treats for me soon. Yippie!

I think it's almost time to go outside again, so I will stop writing my blog and I will stare at Gardenia and roll my RRRRRRRRRs at her until she realizes it's time to go outside.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm home!

My human came today! She came and got me and brought me home! I'm home! I'm home!

I want to lick myself, but I can't. And my paw is cold. But I don't care because I'm home!

I just don't understand why she is laughing at me.

The patient patient.

Biscuit's home! I picked him up a couple of hours ago from the vet. He's actually doing really well. His incision is very bruised, but he doesn't seem to be in pain. He's very needy and a little spastic right now--just not very calm. But that's okay, I think. At least he's not passed out in pain.

They gave me the stones in a little vial. They look like big fish gravel, rounded, about the size of coffee beans. They're really kind of freaky. They sent some off to be analyzed, and then they'll know why they formed in the first place. In the meantime, he has to go on a special diet that will probably help more stones from forming, if they are a certain kind. I'm thinking of having the stones put into a studded collar for him. No, just kidding.

He's wearing one of those funnel collars, and it squishes his fur all up around his face. He keeps running into things because he's not used to the way it makes him hold his head. I try not to laugh, but then I'll hear a loud crash from the other side of the house and he'll be staggaring around like a drunkard. He was trying to get his ball out from under the chair, and that was not a successful endeavor.

Oh, and his right foreleg is shaved, so he has one poodle leg and one regular.

I'm not laughing! I just have something in my eye!

Coming home soon!

Frankie at Banfield just called and said that Biscuit can come home today at 3:00! Yay!

He's feeling much better and barking more today.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I woke up this morninng at 6, like I usually do, and thought, like I usually do "I'd better get up and take the freaking dog for a walk."

And then I realized he wasn't here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good news to report.

I just spoke to the doctor at Banfield, and Biscuit is out of surgery and doing okay! He was just coming out of the anesthesia at about 1:30. Everything went exactly as expected and there were no complications. The doc removed between seven and eight bladder stones and took an X-ray to make sure he got them all. They also cleaned his teeth and he didn't need to have any extractions, which is very good news.

The bad news is that I can't see him till Thursday. He has a catheter sutured in place right now, so he needs to lie pretty still so he doesn't disturb it. Seeing me might be too exciting/upsetting, so I shouldn't see him till the catheter is removed on Thursday morning. If he is doing well then, I should be able to bring him home on Thursday night.

I'm going to call back and see if they can play NPR for him.

I think today's the day.

My human got up very early this morning--I don't think she slept very well. She moved my bed right next to her big bed and kept petting me all night. I didn't mind that at all! When she woke up this morning, she took me outside, and then she went to lay down on the couch and called me up to cuddle with her. Then, guess what? More petting!

She also told me that I'm going to the hospital. I'm not sure what that means, but she said it's the same place where we went to see the doctor last time. It was okay there. She told me all about what's going to happen.

Here's what's going to happen:

I'm going to the hospital and I get to lay down and take a nap. While I'm sleeping, the doctor is going to go inside my tummy and fix something. I am not very sure how he is going to get inside my tummy, or what he is going to fix. The doctor is also going to do something in my mouth--I think that I had that happen once before. Anyway, when this doctor is done with all his work, I will wake up. Gardenia said that it is going to hurt a little and then feel better.

She also said something strange about how she couldn't be there the whole time. But I don't know what she means by that kind of crazy talk. If she isn't there, I will simply bark and bark and bark. Ha!